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The London Screenwriters Festival is *the* place to be every October - check out the site here.

Buy MAKING IT AS A SCREENWRITER (e-book) by screenwriter and filmmaker Adrian Mead - £7.79, all proceeds go to Childline!

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Hayley McKenzie is the Script Angel - and works for C4's flagship teen soap HOLLYOAKS. She has compiled a a list of production companies that accepts scripts from writers without agents! Find it here.

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Facebook can be a very useful way of connecting writers and many are looking for online friends. A friend request, with a short message explaining your intention, is usually enough to friend people online like this but a note of caution: DON'T bombard people with multiple requests or be offended if people tell you they only friend people they've met in real life!

Blogs can be a brilliant way of getting yourself and your work attention, but need a lot of updating and shouldn't be negative/whiny to get the best results. If you don't believe you can commit to full-length blogging, it may be a good idea to stick to social networking only, but of course it's up to you.

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EVERY POST IS PERMANENT. That's right - even on Facebook and Twitter, thanks to the overseeing eye of Google. Don't let your online presence be adversely affected when someone types your name into a search engine! What's more, people have an uncanny knack of REMEMBERING the negative people, either online or in real life. If you don't want your negative posts to come back to haunt you, don't write them. Here's a post on creating relationships and a presence online.