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Friday, June 10, 2011

Deviation Poster

So... Feast your eyes on THIS:

... I know! SQUEEEEEE, etc.

You might have heard this is Danny Dyer "as you've never seen him before" - but HERE IS THE PROOF. Look at his eyes! Talk about channelling his inner serial killer. YIKES. And Anna is just awesome in human form, her face is so expressive, it's like you can SEE HER THOUGHTS. I love them both in this film so much and am so proud to be associated with Deviation, the movie and whole team is fabulous!

We're not far off now... See more pics and info on the Deviation Facebook Page by "Liking" it here. GO GO GO!

1 comment:

Linda Martin said...

i am a fan of Anna Walton, when is she going to get on twitter, or a fansite or facebook or my space?? ETC??