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Sunday, September 20, 2009

HOW TO BE A SCRIPT READER course went well

Just a short one today as I am still embroiled in The Rewrite From Hell: Saturday went brilliantly, thanks to all who attended and all who've asked/wished me luck in conducting my first ever class! Turns out I was completely OVER PREPARED - six hours just *flash by*, especially when your class participants are as switched on as mine were. There was some great points raised, particularly about structure and working together and everyone was really friendly and talkative - no awkward silences! I had read for some of the people there or come across them online somewhere, though there were just as many I had never come across before. What's more, I was in awe of how far some had travelled: we had peeps from Dunstable, Bristol, Cardiff, Reading - though the gold star had to go to Pete who came all the way from Chester! Thanks to the lovely Rosie who talked to the class about her Sequel to Cannes short script contes and senior lecturer John Foster who popped by to tell the class about the MA Screenwriting distance learning course at Bournemouth University, as well as the new full time MA, Writing For Media. Special mentions need to go to Martin and Dom for being fantastic coffee/lunch bitches - I mean, HELPERS. Arf.

I've had lots of enquiries about a London course, so am hoping to do one in the new year - dependent on venues, etc of course. If you're interested in a course in the Capital, friend me on Facebook and/or Twitter for updates in the near future.

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