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Sunday, August 09, 2009

NEWS JUST IN: Screenwriting Success is MINE, ALL MINE >mwahahahahahahahahahah<

That's right. I have it IN THE BAG. And all I had to do was get knocked up underage and be the black sheep of the family, I knew it all had a purpose... Read and learn my friends!

We're driving in the car at the weekend and Alf, my eleven year old, suddenly asks:

ALF: What happened to Holby Blue?

ME: I dunno. There were two seasons... Maybe there'll be a third?

ALF: Nope, there would've been one by now. I've been waiting.

ME: You watch Holby Blue?

ALF: I love Holby Blue!

ME: Okaaaaaaay...

A pause a moment as Hub and I look at each other - WTF? - as Alf blissfully rearranges his converse laces, oblivious. Then:

ALF: D'ya reckon there'll be a Holby Red, like with fire engines?

HUB: They'd be mad not to.

ALF: Right - but then they'd have to have Holby Green.

ME: What would that be?

ALF: (Rolls his eyes) Vets, of course.

ME: Of course.

HUB: I'm seeing a franchise opportunity here.

ALF: Dave, it IS one already!

HUB: (Suitably chastised) Right.

ALF: *Anyway* - we'd need Holby Brown, too.

ME: Sewerage workers??


ME: Oh yeah.

ALF: And then, of course - Holby Pink.

ME: (Timid) Pink?

ALF: Fashion! Obviously.

ME: You do know Holby doesn't exist, don't you?

ALF: Mother. I'm eleven years old. Not three.

ME: Right. Sorry.

Tony Jordan, eat your heart out - though for the right fee Alf is AVAILABLE. It's the school holidays too, there aren't any child labour laws regarding coming up with TV concepts and series bibles... Is there?!?

1 comment:

David Bishop said...

More obscure opportunities:

HOLBY PUCE: Weightlighters

HOLBY ORANGE: Dutch immigrants

HOLBY TAUPE: Mushroom pickers

HOLBY BLACK: Undertakers

HOLBY GOLD: Prostitutes who specialise in watersports