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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Doing anything on Saturday, Sept 19th, 09? You're not? Then why not come to sunny Bournemouth and spend the afternoon with me and other like-minded peeps, learning about script reading and giving feedback!

"How to be a script reader" is one of the most searched-for terms on my site meter, plus I've had so many enquiries I thought now was the time to do an "Adrian Mead" and offer a one day course. This course is NOT just for those who want to be actual script readers, but those who want to be able to understand official readers' reports and give better feedback to their peers.

The course is officially recommended by The Scribefather himself (thanks Adrian) and will be run in association with Moviescope magazine. Amongst other things, the course will include what screen agencies might look for; how to give feedback to friends without falling out; what agents might ask their assistant to look for; how to write a reader's report synopsis and dealing with bad feedback. In addition to the day itself, course participants with be reading an UNPRODUCED spec and writing two lots of feedback - one informal, one "official" - which I will then read and give feedback on.

The price is just £65 - but to current subscribers of Moviescope or those coming through my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Talent Circle et al, you of course get 10% off, making it an even cheaper £58.50. The price also includes all refreshments and a light lunch. Please bring your business cards too, let's network!

Check out all the details of the course - there's information about travel and accommodation too. For those wanting to pay via Paypal to secure your place, there's now an official button on the right hand side for your convenience. If you'd rather not use Paypal, that's fine: please email me and we can make the necessary arrangements.

Hope to see you in September!

UPDATE: Already had a few bookings, but don't worry: there's no upper limit on class participants. If you want to save your pennies up for this, you got plenty of time yet...


tyscreenwriting said...

I always recommend people try to get a Script Reading job for two reasons:
1 - you begin to realise just how much junk is submitted under the assumption there are fully-formed scripts (and it may help you feel "well, maybe my efforts aren't so bad after all") and
2 - you learn how Not to write a script. Invaluable.

Antonia said...

I would love to come, but it might not be at the right time for me, so hope you'll run another course later.

thecollective said...

I have now followed the path of becoming a Script reader/Anaylst. In the past two years, I have read for studios and production companies. I am now interested in becoming an indepedent/freelance reader. I am looking for a contract to send out to clients in order to protect myself. Do you know of contract that is along the lines of standard release of liability and one that states that all ideas are protected?. Please do advise.

thecollective said...

I would also love to attend your conference but i live to far away.. Sounds great!
Did you post it on shooting people?

Lucy V said...

Hi Collective,

This course is currently posted on Talent Circle, Chris Jones' Blog and here, plus Facebook and Twitter. It may also go up on SP, but I'm not a member.

I don't know where you live but here in the UK, non disclosure agreements (NDAs) are usually signed between companies and freelance readers like myself only. Individuals do not send NDAs, including myself. Hope that helps.

Best, L