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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Self Publicity

So I got an email last night from the Mighty Adrian Mead, telling me I've gone a little TOO FAR in trying to publicise this blog:

Okay, Adrian: you got me. But since everyone's defected to Twitter, it's too damn quiet around these parts [start subliminal message: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER : end subliminal message]. But check my legs out! Woooooh. It's a hard job looking so fantastic but someone's gotta do it.

Oh: and don't forget - Adrian's new course The Screenwriter's Career Guide is on July 4th in London. Book now! I'll see you there.


Paul M said...

I hope it's not permanent marker


Hi Luce, you been working out?

It's a great Goth look!

Anonymous said...

Not having a clue what you look like I wasnt sure whether that was real or not until I went to the youtube page to view it again.

Bloody twitter!
I only joined myspace last year after people kept pestering me about it. Then everyone pissed off over to Facebook.
I joined Facebook a few months back and now everyone is off to Twitter.

Its really fucking me off! Stupid fucking social networking bollocks.

Apologies for the harshness of the language.

mernitman said...

You missed a spot.