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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SAFE - The Finished Film!

SAFE premiered on Facebook yesterday to the Safe Films group and other Facebookers, but if you're not my Facebook friend (why not? Mmmmm?), you won't have seen it yet... Obviously we had various constraints to deal with having zero money to make it and our actors were real troopers since it was FREEZING, plus the pathways and streets were actual ice rinks. Many thanks to them, my lovely boy Alf who plays Julie's son and The Hub for being our lighting manager/moral support/fixer of random things/caterer! For photos of the shoot back in February, check out here.

So without further ado, here's SAFE. Hope you like it. Enjoy!
WARNING: CONTAINS FLASHING IMAGERY-----------------------------------------------------------------
What next for Safe Films, you ask? Well, at the mo Schu and I are drawing up a list of festivals we want to submit Safe to, then we will be shooting our next short, a horror-comedy called SLASH (maybe all our films should start with an "s"? There's a challenge) in the summer. Watch this space...


Jared said...

Good stuff, Lucy. Well done.

I admit to being hopeful towards the end when the girl placed the other girls' hand on her chest; I thought we were about to see a different kind of short film, but I soon got over my disappointment, mainly because I couldn't believe there were no car chases or explosions! What were you thinking?

Job well done, Lucy.

Hat tipped and glass raised. x

Lucy said...

Oooooh, you cheeky munky, you! Tell you what, when I write the next one I'll keep all three in mind, just for you! I'm sure I can find some loose women down the back of the sofa...

Anonymous said...

That's the last time I go to the park and touch womens chests if that's the kind of thing that happens!

Slash - Horror/comedy?
Is it a film about a man who has acid for piss?
Or about a killer urinal in an old haunted bus station?
Or about the guitarist combing maggots and bits of cheese out of his hair?

Off to join your facebook group thing

Jonathan said...

Congratulations! Riveting and wonderfully crafted. Good luck with the festivals and your forthcoming films.

Lucy said...

Brain - it's the first one!

Thanks Jonathan x

Scaramanga said...

So does posting thye film on the internet not count as an international premiere?

Good luck with the rest of the journey lucy!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic visuals and a story that hooks the audience in right from the start. Great job Lucy!

Antonia said...

V Good! I felt woeful when the girl was looking in on the woman finding her body.

Tim Clague said...

Love the lo-fi look too - which ties in nicely with the music and narrative