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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Afraid Of Americans

I've joined the cult that is Mac and got myself a lovely shiny new Macbook. It's AMAZING. It's also incredibly annoying 'cos I haven't got a clue how any of it works yet, I had a severe amount of TECHNORAGE if you caught any of my Twitter updates yesterday. However, I'm getting there - slowly but surely. I have to use MS Word because all my Bang2writers do, so that's on there now. Plus I found the internet - turns out its version is called Safari and I was looking for IE (yes, stop sniggering at the back). Next, once I've figured out how the hell to get the MS Word disc out of that weird hole in the side is Final Draft baby, then I'm done - oh, plus all the files from the old laptop. Christ, that's gonna take me a while. In the meantime then, feast your eyes upon the God who is David Bowie. Oh yes.


Adaddinsane said...

Macs are good.

And, much as I am totally in love with Kate Bush, yes, Bowie is a God. (And I have indoctrinated my kids to believe this as well.)

David said...
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David Turner said...

One of us! One of us!
Though, I am Steve Jobs' bitch. I might just as well hand him a cheque every month.
Once you have Mac, you can never go back... Have you tried OpenOffice? I run it on my MacBook, it's free, completely Word compatible and you don't have to give Bill Gates any money?

Lara said...

Oh welcome to the ScriboMacClub! Yay! You'll never want to go back to a PC again - I promise! And you'll get the hang of it all really quickly too. Any queries - drop me a note... x

I can't believe Adaddinsane has shunned Kate for David. Hmph. It's so over.

Laura Anderson said...

I want a mac :-(

Lee said...

Happy new Mac! Everything's going to be alright now.

Dean Lines said...

still using good old windows here... I don't know... I've never even seen a mac in the real world... I think I'm gonna try and keep it that way. Just in case I also suddenly get the urge to spend a bunch of extra money.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've been using both Macs and PCs for more years than I care to remember.

Both platforms are great... both platforms suck.

But crikey... Macs are certainly the better looking!

Anonymous said...

I've been tempted, oh I've been tempted. Just don't like the feeling I'm being ripped off (guess what Apple's advertising spend was last year? -- over $450 million -- and it's the punters who pay.)

The one thing that has made me seriously seriously consider it is that scrivener is Mac-only (search literature, latte and scrivener and you'll find it). Looks like the perfect writing tool and is pathetically cheap. I'm also trying to organise myself a bit better, and 'Things' looks like the best organizing software I can find - and it's Mac only, too.

Anyone got comments on either, I'd be glad to hear them (sorry to hijack your comments, Lucy).

I'd second OpenOffice btw, absolute no-brainer. It also makes pdf files directly.

Elinor said...

Lurve the video! x

Adaddinsane said...
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Good Dog said...

guess what Apple's advertising spend was last year? -- over $450 million -- and it's the punters who pay.

Wow, really? We’re paying for it...?

Of course we pay for it. Essentially we pay for every promotion for every product. I doubt anyone expects the company staff to chip in for their ads.

That figure is what, for worldwide ad spending? Promoting home computers, laptops, iPods, iPhones on screen and in print. Beyond the design and production costs it probably includes the money for buying airtime and page space.

So what was Microsofts ad spending? Or Dells? Or any other piece of shit box of chips and circuit boards cobbled together by low-paid labourers in the Far East?

The point is Apple produces far better, far more user-friendly products have are much more aesthetically pleasing and have much easier interfaces.

Lucy said...

Cor blimey, who'd have thought Macs would inspire such strong emotions? Still getting used to mine, but early indications are good. Weird using a keyboard with the number 6 and letter J on though - my little girl bit the others on my PC off.

Anonymous said...


didn't you know, PC-advocates baiting Mac-fanboys and vice versa is the number one online sport? Can get quite nasty, too, as both are in denial - PC users about its myriad failings, and Mac users about how much they pay and that - shock, horror! - it too is flawed.

Darren Goldsmith has it pretty much right.

Hope you get used to having your j- and 6-keys - and to not having a delete key, though you probably have very little use for one of those ;-)