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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Festive Favourites

Here's some Christmas clips to feast your eyes on...

The Muppets' Christmas Carol - Marley & Marley

Gremlins - "Get Out Of My Kitchen!"

American Psycho - "Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas"

The Grinch - "I'm Booked!"

And finally - perhaps one of the craziest, daftest movies ever, yet I somehow can't resist it... I first watched it the day after I had had Lilirose and nearly had a haemorrhage from laughing so much (I thought the brothers' fights were particularly true to life, or maybe I just grew up in a war zone??). Enjoy!

Just Friends - All the best bits, "Truce!/You Walking Void!/Dinkelman's Going Down!/Would you care to join us in a Christmas Carol To Celebrate The Birth of our Lord?!"

It's only now I'm beginning to realise my vision of Christmas *may* just be a teensy bit WARPED. What about your faves? Over to you...


Michael Reid said...

Statler and Waldorf are great!

evil twinz said...

I love Gremlins!

Beats It's a Wonderful Life hands down...

But Luce, where's Home Alone?!