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Monday, October 13, 2008

Head Exploding. Back... Later.

I feel at the moment as if my head is beset with stories.

On the one hand, I have my RPP entry. It's going pretty well: I have a full draft, I've had lots of feedback and yesterday I had a read-through with some lovely actors. They offered me lots of great suggestions, thoughts and points of view for improving the script, though they did suggest I might need to re-align the beginning. I actually agree with them, but of course I've already sent my ten pages off. However I couldn't have had this epiphany BEFORE this point and it's a good beginning, but it needs - well, realignment considering the further changes I also want to make. Bugger. Still, live and learn. IF I get through to the next round I can worry about it then.

On the other hand, I have my novel. I've started dreaming about my characters now and their situation, it's invading my thoughts at every opportunity. This is quite strange for me, since I can normally keep quite a tight rein on my ideas; one has never run away with me before. I find myself chewing it over like some kind of weird dream chewing gum. A bit like this on saturday:

HUSBAND: Can you take the vaccuum upstairs and vaccuum the bedroom?

ME: There was this boy and girl in my college when I was a kid who had a baby.

HUSBAND: That's lovely. Can you do the vaccuuming?

ME: The thing is, do you think readers would accept that in a story, or do you think they would be too weirded out?

HUSBAND: I'm weirded out. Can you do the vaccuuming?

ME: I don't think I'll put that in after all. What if there was a lost baby of some kind?

So it's kind of getting in the way. Plus the script reading too: having to earn money is such a bitch. Is there some sort of antidote for all this? Maybe I should just write the bastard novel until it's done. Thing is, I've got loads of other things to do. Currently co-writing something with someone, collaborating with someone else and writing a treatment for someone else. Which is great, loving all of that, but dead and lost babies and general weirdness is kinda messing with my spiritual equilibrium.

Know what I mean?


Lara said...

That'll be down to the conversation about 'having dinner/dreams with your characters'!

Hope your head isn't busting too much today! x

Lucy said...

I'm so effing knackered after yesterday I'm getting sod all done! I blame you! ; )

potdoll said...

your husband asks you to do the vacuuming? i had no idea men cared about such things.

glad the read-through was useful.

Lucy said...

I know, it appears he is a one-off in that regard. Though I should point out that he thinks vaccuuming and washing up are the only housework that exists. It would never occur to him to do dusting and clothes wash and iron themselves of course ; )

Lara said...

I know it was ALL my fault. Sorry dearest.

Cr*p almighty - He knows what a vacuum is for? *impressed*

And of course washing, ironing & dusting does itself. Whatever next? Getting on with work?


Elinor said...

I find skivvying therapeutic when head is buzzing. Plus, no-one asks you anything when you're vacuuming so good thinking time...

But you're right, it's all that Lara's fault.

Lisa said...

Maybe you could place this on your fridge and see if he notices.

I have that one and also 'Your lips are moving but all I hear is blah, blah, blah' and 'I child-proofed the house but they keep getting back in'.