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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Undercover Girl - New Me TV

It would seem internet serials and drama series are the way to go. If you're interested in this phenomena as a writer or are a teenage girl (or both!), you may well be interested in the latest drama series, Undercover Girl.

Taking its lead from such internet classics as Kate Modern and Sophia's Diary, Undercover Girl has a real difference: it's a whole lifestyle magazine! Whilst Undercover Girl follows the fates of four very different girls making it in the fashion world, its hosting site New Me TV has articles, contests, problem pages, the works.

And oh yeah: one of its columnists happens to be your truly. You can read my article this week here.

You know the drill: read it or the Bang2write bunny (I keep it specially for these occasions of blackmail)GETS IT. Plus you will find some insights on what men want from women from bloggers such as the lovely Dazza aka Evil Twinz, David and English Dave. What more do you want?!



Dom Carver said...

I just want my tea on the table on time and the odd blow job.

Lucy said...

Oh good Lord

Lara said...

Holy crap, Dom. Fancy wanting tea on the table on time? Tsk. You're a disgrace.

Helen Smith said...

Good news on the article and the New Me TV, Lucy.

Lucy said...

You tell him, Lara!

Thanks Helen - got a few other articles coming soon hopefully, *they* aren't going to keep me out of this writing lark, even if it means I have to take over the whole of the internet! Lol

Caroline said...

What's an 'odd' blow job then? Just curious.

Chip Smith said...

It might have something to do with Anne Widdecombe, but I could be wrong ;-)

Dom Carver said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dom Carver said...

You wanted to know what, as a red blooded male, I want from women. I tell you and I get slated. If you don't want to know, then don't bloody ask :-P

And you haven't commented on my blog like you said you would, woman!!!! That's the last time I pop on over and make your blog look popular.

Piers said...

It's a blow job where one or more participants are wearing a fursuit.


Lucy said...



"Hit the hoooorer"?

"Hurray there's Henry"?

"Hollyhocks Ted Harrison"?


Piers said...

Happy To Help.