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Monday, September 15, 2008

Needed: Your True Stories

Hi Everyone, I need a favour please.

I need your true stories - specifically of attending raves and festivals in the 90s (legal and illegal), though any outdoor/indoor and/or raucous party in which something CRAZY, interesting, weird or sad has happened would also be great.

Why am I doing this? Well I've teamed up with the marvellous Schuman at Studio Schoque and we're collaborating on a new feature that is INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS. So this is your chance to have your story immortalised by my fair screenwriting hand.

So drop me a line on Bang2write"at"aol"dot"com or leave a message in the comments section and inspire me.

REMEMBER: It can be anything, as long as it involves a party and it's true.

Please ensure you send me a message though by Sept 26th (a week on Friday). You know you want to...


1 comment:

d f mamea said...

alas, i don't remember much of the nineties...