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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Research or Die # 5: Medical

NHS Direct - encyclopediac site that covers just about everything medical!

NHS Careers - another great site, this time about medical jobs

Guide To Medical Jargon

How to Deliver A Baby Safely Without A Doctor or Midwife

A Week by Week Pregnancy Guide

Demonstration of Mouth To Mouth Resuscitation - sign in required for this video

The Recovery Position - with pictures, step by step

What To Do When Someone Has An Epileptic Fit

What To Do When Someone Has A Heart Attack

How To Stop Excessive Bleeding

Guide To Types of Wounds Created By Blades

Methods of Injury and Suicide - EXTREME WARNING: includes graphic images and drawings, NOT for those of a delicate disposition

Factsheets About The Major Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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1 comment:

Elinor said...

Thanks Lucy, invaluable stuff.
I particularly like the advice on delivering a baby alone "when in doubt, do nothing"