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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Not Coming In

My mate Schuman has entered for Virgin Media Shorts this year with directing/producing partner Carolina - I recommend you go and check their entry, Not Coming In, out! It's a very funny and well observed little short and bound to put a smile on your face - it did me!


Anonymous said...

It was cute. :)


Funny! A talent to watch out for.

And thanks for the intro to such a great site!
There's a load of great other talent there too.
Did you see "Doodlebug" (10 mins version) on the same page?

Worth checking out too!

potdoll said...

glee, I know two of those actors so I extra enjoyed that!

Lucy said...

Carlo - cute in a saucy way!

Sheiky, I haven't - will watch it later on your recommendation.

PDiddy - wondered if you might have crossed paths, the world of short film seems a small, but significant pond!