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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Needed: Your Delicious Brain # 2

Are you a guy aged between approximately 15 - 30*?

Are you single?

Or do you know someone who fits this description?

If so, I need YOU (no sniggering at the back please!). Rather, your OPINION in answer to these questions:

What are the top three attributes a potential girlfriend should have?

What makes a girl attractive**?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section or email me on the usual address. I really need some thoughts in the next 24 hours - it's for a magazine article (not Scriptwriter obviously - if you would like more info first, I would be happy to tell you - just email), so please leave your real name and location (especially if you leave your thoughts in the comments section) so I might credit you (first names only, don't worry).

* Sorry to the old/married gits who frequent this blog ; )

** No swearing/seediness please! Muchos Gracias


English Dave said...

What about the old unmarried gits?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'd like to know who you're writing this for. :P

I'm a whippersnapper, so I'll give this a go.

1) Not superficial
2) Not afraid to be a little geeky
3) Easy going

Of course, this is aside from the basic stuff, like physical attractiveness, similar things in common, sense of humor, and so forth.

David said...

I'm 2 years too old, so don't know if I count or not. I am single though:

1) Confident
2) Good conversationalist
3) Abillity to geek out about something (preferably something I also geek out about, but not essential)

And as Carlo said, looks, sense of humour, etc are taken as a given here. I'd also like to know who you're writing this for!


English Dave said...

I'm old enough to tell the truth.

1 Great body

2 Loves sex

3 Thinks you're God's gift

[number 3 lasts between the first date and her realising you look like a kipper]

Geoff Prickett said...

Always says "Yes please."

Lucy said...

Geoff - riiiiight!

ED - does any woman think their man is God's Gift for any longer than about 3 secs? Or is it just an illusion the woman constructs for her bloke if she can be bothered?? ; )

Carlo and David - thanks for those. The article is for a new site for young women and the article is about attractiveness from a guy's perspective. If you would like to feature in the article, pls email me your locations so I can credit you properly. I'll tell you then what the site is called too and give you the link so you can check it out - not sure if I'm supposed to here yet.

English Dave said...

Martin Scorcese said a woman loves a man until she finds out who he really is, then it's time for him to move on to the next woman.

A bit too cynical for me. But I believe men are essentially simple creatures. Give them regular affection, food, drink and sex and they'll be pretty durned happy.

But here's the most important thing in my view. Never underestimate that lightning bolt on first sight. When that hapens everything else goes by the wayside. heck she could even be a Dr Who fan lol

DavidM said...

1 Great body
2 Loves sex
3 Thinks you're God's gift

^^^Real Talk.

Also, not conventional but NOT a psycho. Please, god, not again.

Thoughts From a Thorny Forest said...

I very much fit the criteria so:

1) Style (visual representation, can show shared culture and that, for me the right skirt, eyeshadow or haircut could mean more than a pretty face)

2) Mystery (how to really get hooked. Not playing too hard to get though, don't want to have to feel like a rapist stalker skeeze just to get a conversation going)

3) Sensitivity (emotional intelligence, I'd lump sense of humour in here too)

It's driven me mad in the past trying to separate looks from personality, I don't think it's too healthy. Why dissect women in such a way? I agree with English Dave, initial reaction says a lot. Plus I can spot the Dr Who fans a mile off. The mingers.