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Friday, April 11, 2008

Credit Crunched

This sign might as well be stapled to my wallet right now. Inside I have two penny pieces, a button in the shape of a flower and a piece of spearmint Wrigley's. Not. Even. Joking.

Save us people!

Send me your scripts to read. I have no one in next week yet, so you can be first in line Monday morning at this rate, yay!

Even better: I have not one, but two special offers to entice you that little bit more... One for short scripts, one for longer scripts:

£15 for an overview report on shorts 20 pages or less.

£38.25 for development notes on features 100 pages or less.

Doesn't suit? Then email me with your requirements and I can work you out a personal quote!

For more details on my two special offers or more info about me (like recommendations) click here.

Looking forward to reading your work...


Paul M said...

This is not good. Should be swinging my script by you next week :)

Lucy said...

Cheers Paulie, you is a prince among men, innit. : )

John Soanes said...

No homework to submit at the mo, but if you're still coming to the Q&A tonight, it's my round!