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Friday, April 18, 2008

Stop: Hammer Time

Since we've been talking about genre this week, now seems a good time to mention that Hammer Films' new venture Beyond The Rave begins today.

Not only is this Hammer Films' first project since The Lady Vanishes, Beyond The Rave is a serial online. I heard Simon Oakes talking about this project at South West Screen's Film: The Digital Future conference back in December and think it sounds pretty interesting. Also, with the likes of Sanctuary and Sofia's Diary being picked up for the TV, it's easy to see how many opportunities the internet is now offering to new projects, so you'd be daft to not get up-to-speed with this new way of accessing content.

Watch the first episode of Beyond The Rave here.


Anonymous said...

I watched the first three episodes. I thought they were good.
Pretty good production as well.

Lucy said...

Yes I've been impressed with the photos, they don't look amateur. I'm watching ep1 this wknd.

evil twinz said...

Hey the girl in the pic looks like you Luce! When you had short hair that is. This one of your previous secret projects?

Lucy said...

I wish Evil!

And what do you want THIS time...???