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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Simple Works

I've written before that I reckon scribes can learn a lot from narrative-based music videos: the specs I read are often convoluted in the extreme in terms of plot and Bang2writers sometimes confess they're not sure how to simplify their stories. A music video then is a great way of showing how simple yet effective a story *can* be.

So check this one out. The story's simple as hell, draws on nostalgia big time for my generation AND has a great twist at the end... Yet crucially is not such an "in" joke that anyone who doesn't "get" that in-joke is left out in the cold - it's just a video of some people dancing in odd clothes. Nice*.

* Miss the branding though: "Utah Saints! U-U-U-Utah Saints!" ; )


Robin Kelly said...

I usually hate music videos with added dialogue but this is "banging2writers". (Did you see what I did there?)


Great Vid, Luce.

Spotted you dancing like crazy at the back in the big pub dance scene.

Funnily enough, gotta a great new vid on mine, that strangely enough refers to Piers Beckley's Dr Who like regeneration...


And a great "real life" dance one here

Have agreat weekend!



What a tech!-NO-phobe I am.

First link works if you tag down a post to the "Ketchup" post.

Here's the correct 2nd link:

Apologies and general "oh blody hell"s all round.

Now have a nice weekend!

Lucy said...

Yes I did Robin and very good! : D I love pop videos with a narrative and mix of diegetic and non-diegetic sound in general though, think they are much better than those ones with people singing in one room... And then in another with different clothes on. Not always though, some are ace: Sugarbabes' Round-Round is great and so is JTrousersnake with Rock Your Body.

Sheiky, stop pimping on my blog! ; ) But you're right, I WAS in it, but not at the back...I was the one with the impressive rack, the blonde hair and the short-shorts...