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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Write Here, Write Now has been flagged as a spam blog! Outrage! I wondered why I wasn't able to save posts any longer as I was working on them and kept losing stuff (so I hope you've been appreciating my last few posts, they took frickin' ages! Okay, I should have just clicked the "what's this?" button on the word verifier thingie ten days ago but that would have been too easy).

But anyway, whilst I iron out this not-so-teensy issue with Blogger (and write my posts in Word first!), feast your eyes on this fantastic video courtesy of the ledge that is Tim Hawkins.

"Remember: it's not about your kids - it's about you!" Pure genius.


Anya said...

A spam blog! That IS ridiculous - there's a wealth of useful information here, how could this website possibly qualify as spam???? Mind boggles, it really does. Outraged muchly on your behalf my dear. Hope you get it sorted soon.

Lucy said...

Don't worry mate, if I recall correctly Danny Stack and a couple of other Bloggers have had this problem too - perhaps it's something to do with how many posts you write, or frequency... or key words! Maybe my random posting of weird google searches is to blame... There's a thought!

Elinor said...

Excellent video though, Luce! Love it. Good luck with blogger.

evil twinz said...

Spam hey...this blog has been written by a robot?

no robot could be that twisted. They'd have to invent a whole new lot of circuits... Or whatever makes robots.

(My lack of electronics knowledge let the air out of that joke)

John Soanes said...

I did wonder why so many of your recent posts seemed to be trying to sell me 'v1agr@' at 'low price$$'...

Lucy said...

Really john?

Oh that was a joke.

; )

Don't worry Evil, there's no danger of me laughing at your attempt at joking!

And as for you Elinor, it's fabulous isn't it? I think my fave is Alanis Morrisette: "she's got one hand on three rodents..." Joy in five minutes of madness. Best of all, Lilirose is dancing to it right now, proving it does its job!