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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yves Lavandier, "Writing Drama": DISCOUNT

If you have read both parts of my Q & A with Yves Lavandier and want to buy his book, then here's an offer for you!

The lovely people at Clown Enfant, Yves' Publisher, have agreed to the following for Bang2writers:

- 25 % off + free shipping and handling to EEC members
- 15 % off + free shipping and handling to the rest of the world

Offer available for two months, as of today's date.

Interested parties: please email Colette on stating "Bang2write" and ask for a discount code to enter on the online shop.

Thanks Clown Enfant!


Dave Anderson said...

Interesting stuff, Lucy, and I'm very grateful that you posted it, but I'm afraid this guy's too intellectual for me. Hey, I left school at 15 with just a St John's Ambulance Brigade certificate to show for my education, so all this philosophy stuff goes right over my dandruff.

Me, I'm a Bill Martell fan. I reckon you can learn all you need to know about screenwriting by reading his free Script Tips every day for a couple of months.

Dave Anderson.

Lucy V said...

Philosophy's not very everyone David... Though I should stress that Yves' book is not ALL about philosophy, there's other stuff in there too ; )

Also you're right, Bill Martell is very good. In fact, his "16 Steps To Better Scene Description" is probably my all time fave article, it literally changed the way I write description - for the better.

Any peeps interested, they can find the link in the LIST OF WONDER on the right hand sidebar of this very blog.