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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Story Of My Blog... Told in Bizarre Keywords

All these are 100% GENUINE: what's scarier: the fact Searchers find these words on my blog or the fact that I've collected all of these SINCE ONLY LAST WEDNESDAY? [Nb. Actual keyword searches are in italics.] Enjoy...
Mistress Vee

A dominatrix

Tell us like it is


I'm f***ing Matt Damon


Mrs. McClusky

while taking

another bubble bath with my pants on.

I must

Kill Dave

Because I'm a

Triad Manchester Chinese

And if

Monster movies reflect current social fears


what a travel agent might say at work

suddenly becomes

super sexual dialogue


talking dirty scripts


werewolf sex

is always

chitty chi


naked firemen


notes on the nose

and not to mention

apostrophe d'oh.
I'm thinking of entering this post into The Bridport Prize. Think I can win? ; )


Lucy said...

Hey! I could call it WEBSITE STORY.

Thank youn, I'm here all week.

evil twinz said...

I just looked at the Bridport Prize site... at £6 a poem, I dare you!

Lucy said...

Hmmmm, I dunno....£6 could buy me an 8 pk of beer!

Anya said...

Scarily, I've been reading this blog so long now I actually recognise most of the posts those keywords would have gone!

Wonder how "Mrs. McClusky", stuff about travel agents and "chitty chi" brought people here though??

Anya said...

*gone TO, even. GROAN.

Lucy said...

Yes, I was wondering how people got here via them too, Anya! Mind boggles...

John Soanes said...

Well, if you're going to be like that about it, I won't admit which one of those was my search.


Lucy said...

This is POETRY John, there are no boundaries! We all suffer for our art...

Well, suffer maybe's right. Art's another matter.

; )

John Soanes said...

If I start sharing poetry, then people really will start suffering because of art (and I use the term in its most inaccurate sense)...


credit savvy said...

nope how about a 12 pk of beer lol

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