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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Glory! # 2

Last week I broke the exciting news that I was cited as a reference in Wikipedia.

This week I have discovered I have made it (in the same way) into the Wiktionary too!!!

The word?


My people will call your people. MWAH.


Lucy said...

Too bad I've included a "most" with the superlative, but hey-ho... Also, "kitchen sink" drama as "less functional than intended"? Hmmm. But I'm a link ho baby, who cares!!!

Elinor said...

Kitchen-sinky! I like it. It sounds like an offshoot of that great Hong Kong action genre Chop-socky.

Lucy said...

And to think I am such a kool kat I didn't even REALISE I had made it up! I think I need a lie down.