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Monday, February 11, 2008

This Is Very Important

There are going to be new characters in the Mr. Men and Little Miss!

Very excited.

I know. I should get out more.


martin said...

Alien to the Mr men in two posts?

consider yourself memed!

Rach said...

Mr Facehugger?

Good Dog said...

Is Little Miss Crack Whore going to be one of them?

Lucy said...

Martin, I didn't write about Alien in the last post you weirdo. But ok, will put my thinking cap on for that meme.

Rach - I love it darling! Let's draw up some plans and submit them to the Mr. Men people.

GD - well obviously, why do you think I'm so excited?? Actually, I do believe one is called MR. RUDE! How's that for art imitating life, hey?? : P

Hope said...

The French are very upset about Mr Rude!