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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Story 2Oh! Stories On the Next Level

As a fellow Facebooker and Blogger, I'd already heard of Story2Oh! that friend of this blog Jill Golick has been up to... When she contacted me yesterday asking me to put details up on Write Here, Write Now I was only too happy to oblige! I think this is a great idea and definitely be "checking in" with Simon and Ali. Make sure you do as well! Links at the bottom of this page.


TORONTO – Story2Oh! is a sexy peak into the lives of the internet generation.

Simon Beals has a blog and a video podcast about his adventures in dating. Ali Barrett blogs about knitting, relationships and sex. Their lives are about to collide.

Is it the beginning of a great romance or a disaster in the making? Follow their story through Facebook and Youtube videos. Or read their blog posts and check out their Flickr accounts.

We have to find new ways to tell stories for this new medium,” says Story2Oh! creator Jill Golick. “We're going to try to tell the kinds of ongoing stories we tell in series television. But we're not going to ignore the fact that the screen you're at has a mouse and keyboard. And that you may only have attention for the story in smaller bursts."

Story2Oh! heralds a big change from online series such as Lonelygirl or, which post episodes. Story2Oh! takes storytelling to the next level.

There are no online episodes, mobisodes or webisodes. You follow the story by following the characters online activity: reading their blogs, watching their vlogs, checking out their social bookmarks.

Viewer participants can leapfrog through the Internet with Simon, Ali and their friends by following a trail of links, RSS feeds and Twitters. Story2Oh! viewers can enter the story at many different points and experience as much or as little of it as they choose.

It’d be a real page-turner, if it were a paperback. On the Internet, we aim for “twitchiness.” Like 24, Lost, Heroes and daytime soaps, the Story2Oh! story will have twists and turns, so the audience keeps checking in for the latest updates.

What’s really cool about this is characters can communicate with the audience in a variety of ways,” says Golick. “You can challenge them to a game of Scrabulous. Write on their Facebook walls and see if they write back. Follow their break-ups and makeups by reading their blogs, but be sure to leave a comment and a link to your own blog, because they may come check you out.”

Story2Oh!'s first chapter, boymeetsgrrl, plays out from Monday January 14, 2008 until Friday January 18, 2008 with new material appearing daily. Golick hopes to have chapter two up in February.


Enter their world here or if you're logged into Facebook, check out the Facebook fan page here.


Thanks Jill!


Anonymous said...

Sounds silly.

We can already parttake in this kind of entertainment by reading people's facebook profiles and blogs.
It's called stalking.

darren aka eat my shorts said...

if reading facebook profiles and blogs is a form of "stalking" then we're all guilty on here, surely Carlo?! : P

Anonymous said...

Well, I mean to the point where someone else's life becomes a story for you that you want to tune into.
Seeing what someone's up to is much different than 'tuning in' to the lives of the characters in these stories.

For example, if Lost was told via facebook, blogs, and so forth, I'd be like an e-stalker to Jack and Benjamin.
"Gasp! Jack's going to get rescued? Has he told Kate? *reads outbox* I don't see any sent messages to her!"
"Hmm, time for a flashback, let's hack into Jack's medical records... You can run, Jack, but you can't hide from the internets! Muahahaha"

Of course, this wouldn't be possible given Lost's premise, so maybe I should've used a better example (Grey's Anatomy?), but I like Lost and I'm stickin' with it.

anya said...

"I mean to the point where someone else's life becomes a story for you that you want to tune into.
Seeing what someone's up to is much different than 'tuning in' to the lives of the characters in these stories."

I gotta go with Darren, which is kinda freaky (sorry Daz). Is a blogger not a person whose life you "tune into" as a story? I can't believe a blogger DOESN'T have a "blog persona" that they make a story to keep readers interested. That's not to say they make it up entirely, but they will exaggerate - and make their lives stories as a result. Otherwise, why would we read one particular blog and not another? I think Jill's idea sounds interesting, like all good businesswomen she's tuning into the zeitgeist of the time - ie. we are all nosy gits!

darren aka eat my shorts said...

No you go girl, anyone agreeing with me IS freaky, lol

I know the REAL Lucy Carlo and have done for nearly 15 years and can tell you she's really not the lady you think she is... shall I kiss n' tell?! bidding starts at 50squid...

Lucy said...

Let me stop you there Dazza, not least because there is NOTHING TO TELL. This guy is a fraud ladyeez and gentlemen. Tho I will admit to knowing this reprobate from my school days and even being related by marriage now (Devon's a small place), I have never once kissed him.

But yes, I'd go with Anya's idea of a "blog persona": blogging is a form of entertainment, defo. I get random emails from people wanting to chat about stuff other than screenwriting (kids and parenthood are the usual)and I get hate mail, even. I think Jill's idea is great and will be tuning in when I can.

anya said...

Hate mail! What for?? For helping writers? What's the world coming to, grrr

riboflavin said...

There will always be those looking to have a go my friend. It's part of life. I'm sure other bloggers who offer advice etc get the same, am I wrong Lucy?

I spend way too much time on the internet anyway, but will check out Jill's story. Sounds fun.

Lucy said...

You're not wrong Riboflavin. It's a shame but an occupational hazard I guess.

Anonymous said...

Woah woah, guys, you're all assuming I dislike peeking in onother people's lives. :P
I never really meant to say the idea was stupid or anything, just that it's silly in a way, just as reading diary-style blogs can be silly. I still read them though, such as Emily Blake's blog, for example. It's all good fun. I'm even guilty for writing diary-style stuff on mine. Haha

Lianne said...

I like it. But then I am a nosy cow so it's bound to appeal.