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Saturday, December 29, 2007

You're Kidding Me

Yeah, yeah... We all knew I wouldn't last until the new year, I love all you gits WAAAAAAY too much (I'm a romantic: what can I say???).

Well actually, there is something I can say: thirty votes??? IS THAT ALL???

Come on.

Look on the right hand side bar people. I know you're there. I know stats go down over the holiday period, but just 7% of you were looking for porn on this blog yesterday, which *must* mean the rest of you were here looking for screenwriting stuff.

So look at the lovely loglines. Decide on your fave. And vote! Choose a winner. Don't let someone win out of sheer apathy. Make them win by pitting them against each other like dogs in cages, gnashing and ripping and gouging like the BEASTS they are. GRRRRRRRR!

You can do it.

Make your vote count.

Or else.


Darren said...


You're on.

I like David Bishop.

So there.

(See what I did there??)

Darren said...

Actually, I should say: I like David's LOGLINE and not anything else about him before you say anything Lucy. Not anything against David, I'm sure he's a lovely fella. But he's just not my type. Not cos I'm prejudiced but cos he's a bloke and I like girls and all that. Phew.

smalltincup said...

All I can say is that frankly I was sadly disappointed by the lack of porn on here luv, you could at least have provided ladies in bikinis in the very least. This is poor decision making in the maximising of your blog. Tut tut.

I like David Bishop too. Well, the logline as Dazza says. I like it because I can see it in my head tho that's probably not screenwriterly enough. But not bein a screenwriter and all I think it's good justification.

Steve said...

Oh, alright.

(Bored with Christmas TV and procrastinating again.)