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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Best. Feedback. Ever.

From the ridiculous to the sublime:

"You strike me as someone who has a bizarre view of sex if people turn into werewolves and kill each other during and/or soon after the act: what are you, a preying mantis? However you also strike me as someone who has a lot more sex than me and for that I am wholly jealous."

If only this person was in a position (arf) to make one of my scripts, hey?



Anonymous said...


So this guy/gal not a real reader then?


Lucy said...

Just a friend of mine Frankie, but it was so funny I couldn't resist. I think there is a strong chance I may be off his Xmas card list now though for exposing him as a desperado but that's what you get when you make quips in feedback!

potdoll said...

if that's true i expect your husband is a very happy bloke.

Lucy said...

Probably not if I had to kill him every time though hey! ; )

Jon Peacey said...

...turning into a werewolf might be considered somewhat alarming I suspect.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked.

Doesn't EVERYONE turn into a werewolf when they're having sex then?

Elinor said...

Altogether now - arooo!