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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thought For The Day

A cat does not know what glass is or that it cuts your feet if you tread on it. So how come my cats have never once come in with cut paws from treading on glass even though we live next door to a building site?


Darren (formerly eat my shorts) said...

My cat trod on a bee once

Oli said...

They know. You know they know.

Liz Holliday said...

I dunno. But my cat thinks batteries make great chew toys (until I take them off him pdq, obviously.)

Phill Barron said...

1) They don't weigh that much, therefore not so much pressure on the glass. Have you ever watched small kids running across pebbles without hurting themselves? Same thing.

2) They have four legs, hence even less pressure per paw.

3) They still have four legs, hence they don't put all their weight onto one paw straight away. If they start to put a foot down and it's something sharp, they can lift it back up again pretty quickly. As opposed to us, falling forward with our entire body weight on one foot.

4) Less distance from paw to brain = less distance for the pain signal to travel = quicker response time = picking the paw up before it's put all the way down. As opposed to the human couple of seconds wait to work out something hurts.

5) Cats don't bleed quite so much as we do, they might cut themselves and you wouldn't notice. I've seen a cat lacerated in a fight and carry on as normal, despite needing a fuck load of stitches.

6) Are you sure they haven't stepped on anything? Have you checked their paws every time they come into the house? Or just glanced at them occasionally when it's crossed your mind.

7) I made all of the above reasons up - but they seem quite feasible to me.

Jason Arnopp said...

Your cats simply feel no pain, madam. That's why they can happily live with you.


Jon Peacey said...

...cats paws are incredibly hard-wearing- like DM's. (Doc Martens not Dangermouse- anathema to the cat fraternity- heroic mice indeed! We'll have heroice flying mice next!)

If you've got white floors you soon know when yer cat's cut a paw... quite a heartreaking sight to see the red pawprints across the floor... but cats being smarter than humans really know how to milk the sympathy and know we'll fall for it every single time!

Now, what I really don't get is why cats don't walk into glass... birds do, that's why cats get to eat them! ;-) (Aren't I mean?)

Elinor said...

Cats have 9 lives and are quite happy to give up one of them when they learn the hard way.

Cat said...

"A cat does not know what glass is or that it cuts your feet if you tread on it"

= a lie

I do

other cat said...

Imbeciles. I fucking invented glass.

Whiskas now please!

Another Cat said...

And an opposable thumb or two would be nice!!!