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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The King Of Spam

The best I've seen yet... And even with the subject line of "Viagra: Be a Big Cummer." Niiice. Happy Halloween, one and all.

Aegon rose up in rebellion against his trueborn brother and took for his sigil a black dragon. These said at last. It would have to be one of them. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Osney Kettleblack resting place. That was a grievous error. Some other wayfarer found my marker and claimed it for when she asked him to teach her the sword. Is that what you want, child? Her old master-at-arms.


Elinor said...

Happy hallowe'en to to you too - I enjoyed your spam message though I suspect serious ingestion of substances other than viagra may have taken place.

Lucy said...

I suspect that also Elinor - there must be hundreds of thousands of drugged-up Spammers snorting lines and lines of drugs next to their PCs before sending of these emails... Either that or their TEFL teachers need to be shot.

Sheikspear said...

Hi Lucy and her legions (of fans)
News is out on Sir Daniel's blog!

Good luck!
Blog-less Sheikspear

Lucy said...

Thanks Sheiky!