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Friday, September 28, 2007

Mercurio Tutorials Up Online

Good news my pretties. Courtesy of the wonderful Jim Mercurio (even in the middle of his hard drive hell), some of the tutorials included with the marvellous drama Hard Scrambled are up online for you to view IN FULL, FOR FREE.

If you recall, I really rated these tutorials since the insights included give you a really important insight into the filmmaking process, even if you're more of a writer and not principally interested in filmmaking itself. I particularly like the Working With Actors one - you'll see why when you watch it! Plus Eyal Podell is hot laydeez. Check him out.

View the tutorials and trailer for Hard Scrambled here.

For my June review of Hard Scrambled plus links to other related stuff, click here.



eat my shorts said...

Bein a hot male myself I can see that geezer shares my attributes.

But great stuff here Lucy, reckon we can learn from these tutorials. Is Hard Scrambled available to rent in the UK yet or will we have to buy it from the good ol' US of A?

potdoll said...

Ooh yummy. Looking forward to reading these. Cheers Lucy!

love from fat cow. x

potdoll said...

oh - you can watch them!

love from thick cow.