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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Scribosocial: Date?

Okay, so I've had a completely underwhelming response in terms of dates, places to go etc on comments and email. And yet an overwhelming one in terms of threats, accusations, double entendres and puns. Nothing unusual there, then.

So I'm going to go out on a limb in terms of a date: how about July 14th? It's a saturday my little pretties, which it needs to be if I'm organising it 'cos I'm going to be abandoning the kids to Him Indoors. Hopefully they won't turn to wild savages in my absence and run riot on the moors, but you never know.

I'm up for drinking and banter, like Jason, but suggestions still open on that one. So far we've had only Camden too as a possible place. Any other ideas??? You're supposed to be THE CREATIVE, ARTY TYPES!!! Come on...


Good Dog said...

Okay, great bar...

The Gold Spike.

527 Columbus Avenue.

Dolly can get the first round in.

...that's not helping is it?

Lucy said...

Hmm. How unusual!

Is this bar in Camden, GD? If not, give us an area.

And won't Dolly, if that's Potdoll, be in Californ-I-A on July 14th???

Good Dog said...

Camden? Heck, no. It's in North Beach.

Take the Bart to the Embarcadero Center, walk up past the Trans America Pyramid and it's a couple more blocks on.

Though the flight to San Francisco may eat up a lot of time.

(I said I wasn't helping)

Lucy said...

Oh I am bereft of ribs from laughing so much.

oneslackmartian said...

Hey, what time are you meeting? I’ll curl up by mypatheticself at the same time and drain an imported Guinness “Draft” that goes “pssshhhhhh” when I open it.


potdoll said...

Yes! Please all feel free to nip over to California for some raisons!


Dom Carver said...

Why does it have to be in London? Why not, say for instance, Western Super Mare?

Piers said...

Hey Lucy

Went out for a beer here the other evening. Nice place, big. Not particularly cheap, but it's London.

Worth a think.