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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Writer's Toolkit

We all need stuff to write. A PC or Mac, obviously. Final Draft/Movie Magic/Digismart/CeltX/Sophocles etc is a given. A brain helps. Hands (though not neccessarily: a couple of my long term Bang2write clients use voice recog software for a variety of reasons, nice one guys!). Coffee is a must: I remember a chap at university calling over the bar once to his mate - "You'll recognise the screenwriting students in here...They're the pasty, ill-looking ones with staring eyes drinking black coffee!" Heh. True.

So, in addition to the standard, we all have our own personal Writer's Toolkit. Those artefacts, conditions, situations and so on that help us or enable us to write. Here are mine:

1. Solpadeine. I think I'm addicted to this stuff. Thank God it was invented. I spend so long staring at the screen I'd go mad with the headaches else and paracetemol on its own doesn't work! Probably because of first statement.

2. Rhubarb and custard sweets. Did you hear someone crunching at the back at The Adrian Mead Seminar? You did? That was me. These things help me concetrate. I'm probably putting the sweet manufacturer's kids through private school, I eat so many of these. Now just thinking of scripts makes me taste rhubarb and custard. Like right now. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

3. Comfortable knickers. I live in the hottest flat in the world so often read scripts and write with nothing on but my pants. Really. My fave pair have dancing cats on. Unfortunately, when I was pregnant (and even hotter than normal), I answered the door with just my pants on. It gave the postman a fright.

4. Lipbalm. I chew my bottom lip when I'm concentrating whilst redrafting. A particularly gross habit but one I can't seem to stop.

5. Perfume. When stuck for an idea, I go through my nearby perfume stash and my husband's aftershave and squirt them. I'm not sure if this stimulates ideas, but it certainly passes the time until that Eureka! moment.

6. The baby. Nothing like blowing raspberries on baby tummies to get you thinking about stories. Love it. Also, because the baby is awake, no story writing will get done, so you end up thinking about it more before sitting down in front of a PC, so it actually works FOR your creativity.

7. Lots of books. So I can open them at random. Often for no reason, though sometimes amusing things can happen. Like when I opened the dictionary at the word "penis". Always funny.

And as always, my favourite left til last:

8. Scissors. I cut out hearts and paper dolls. A lot. I also cut out letters from magazines and throw them on the floor to see if a spirit is trying to communicate story ideas with me. Don't you just wish you worked at home?

What's in your toolkit?


Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

Two bottles of Bud Ice or Miller Genuine Draft. Ice Cold.

A great aid to writing in the evening. In fact I think I'm off to the fridge right now :)

oneslackmartian said...

1) Tea, coffee, or beer. Depending the scene.

2) This kinda completely cool Kafka poster. Dark. Prague backdrop. Writerly. Mysterious.

3) Comfy clothes

4) iTunes

5) A walk around the hood with said iTunes.

Lucy said...

Beer is a GIVEN boys... All writers are alcoholics or dependant on something whether it's nicotine, chocolate, chewing gum, caffeine, or Ryan Reynolds.

Ah yes: we ARE ALL mysterious OSM. nice touch.

Anonymous said...

The first 10 pages of my fave scripts printed out, stapled and handy for a quick inspirational read before I get started


Pen between lips, and notepad to make notes