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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

UK Film Council: 25 Words Or Less

Well, 25 Words Or Less is open again. This year, they're wanting Lo-fi Sci-Fi, Comedies of Mistaken Identity and "Teen Hitchcock" - ie. Hitchcockian style thrillers with teens in. The good news is, if you have one of those, then you can enter it. The bad news is, you have to have an agent or be a fully paid up member of The Writers Guild (not a candidate member) to do so. However, if you have either of those stauses, you can find out more and get an application form here.

Bad news for me: I have an agent this year (missed out last year), but I DON'T have any of those 3 scripts outlined above, especially since they detail the Lo-fi Sci-fi has to be low-budget. The confusing thing is though, they give a "comparable film" example of PITCH BLACK in this category. Now, I know this film cost 20 million dollars to make - the director says so in the commentary on the special features of my super-deluxe boxset DVD (yes, I'm sad, so what). Twenty million dollars is roughly eleven million pounds. I reckon I could make ECLIPSE, my werewolf thing, for eleven million squid. Does this mean then I fall into the category? Also, from their guidelines and examples, they seem to imply that sci-fi doesn't just cover "outer space" concepts, but stuff to do with the supernatural as well. Hmmm. Maybe I could just get away with it...? What do you guys think? Should I enter regardless and be damned?? Doesn't cost anything after all.

Meanwhile, I am struck with fear re: my application to the BBC Writers' Academy. I'm looking at my experience, my writing sample, my answers to the application questions and thinking I SOUND LIKE A TIT. "I really want to write TV..." It's true, I do, but WHO is going to write: "Eastenders et al is a load of bollocks but it's a way in"? no one, that's who. And as uncool as it is to admit it, I actually enjoy soap...Sorry, "Continuing Drama" and WOULD like to write for them, not just as a "way in" but if I stayed there, that's cool. I'm not fussy. Work is work! I've written university prospectuses for God's sake. Now THAT is dull (but thanks for the moolah, it cleared my credit card bill nicely, MWAH!)

However, The Writer's Academy has been advertised EVERYWHERE this year, so I reckon they're probably going to get about 6000 applicants for 8 places - The Evening Play Comp of 05 got 2000 (did anyone ever get commissioned for that? I never heard of anyone, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen... However, the staggering amount of people I know who got rejected seemed to make up most of that 2000!). The likelihood of my even getting an interview is slim I would think. Working on the basis there ARE 6000 applicants, whittled down to a shortlist of 50 (I'm just plucking numbers out of the air here, I don't have any insider knowledge, don't worry), by my calculations it will take me eight consecutive attempts to get accepted on this scheme. So better send my first one off!

Which contests and schemes are you entering at the moment?


Lianne said...

That is a little confusing. But in the timeframe you could work on something more specifically tailored to the requirements. Deadline isn't till July and it's a one-page outline plus 10 pages - that's do-able, isn't it? Unless you are snowed under with other commitments of course!

Dominic Carver said...

Writers Acadamy - I wonder how far you would get if you actually were honest and said, 'Casulty is a depressing bunch of shite, but I wanna work for the BBC so fooking let me in, you toerags?'

Worth I try I think.

Lucy V said...

Lianne - writing a new script in the timeframe IS impossible I'm afraid, my schedule right up to September is totally screwed now, so I think I'm just gonna enter Eclipse and be damned.

Dom - Somehow I think that may backfire. And anyway, as I said, I LIKE Casualty, even the depressingness of it...but especially that horrible inevitability where we join the victims BEFORE their accidents and we just KNOW someone is going to get their hand cut off or blasted with fire, etc. What better way for a voyeur like moi to spend a saturday night at 8pm-ish??