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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Seminar place - Check; Plane - Check...

...Well I have a place at the seminar on June 9th! Yay. I booked the plane last night >GULP<. It actually took me three times as long as it should have because I kept looking for trains that would miraculously somehow get me from Exeter to Edinburgh in eight hours or less. None will. Not even Richard Branson has invented a super-fast connection from the South West to Scotland. Damn him!!!

However, I have nowhere to stay yet. Thanks very much to all Edinburghians who've said I can stay with them, I'm sure you're all very nice, but I do like to vet people I stay overnight with in advance. After all, for the last Adrian Mead seminar I stayed with Lianne, and I STILL went to bed with an axe under my pillow 'cos she's a shifty bugger and no mistake. I clocked her, trying to decide if she could fit my riven body into her chest freezer. Oh yes. And thus her fiendish plan was thwarted! ; )

The problem for me is, I have never been to Edinburgh before. The class is on Johnson's Terrace near St. Columba's street or something, but it might as well be the moon - I have no idea where anywhere is. Quite literally. And the places I've been reccommended are either full up or don't answer my emails or telephone calls! >ARGH!<

So, kwik question for you: if I were to stay at one of the many hotels in the vicinity of Edinburgh airport, how long would it take me to get to the city centre and back for this class and is it scarily confusing? Bear in mind I get lost and freaked out easily and you Scots don't need a scary Northerner running amok even if I am only five foot three and according to Dorothy Perkins, "petite" (yeah right). Over to you...


Sheila West said...

I'm from Massachusetts.

Sorry, dear.

Lianne said...

When I went to Edinburgh a few years ago, I stayed in a lovely place called Frederick House Hotel - it wasn't too expensive and was right in the centre of everything. Though I don't know why I'm telling you this, as clearly you don't trust me anyway!

Lucy said...

Aha! Frederick Hotel hey?? Said the spider to the fly...You'll be hiding in the wardrobe with a big knife, won't you! Admit it! ; )

James Moran said...

Try the Murderous Murder Hotel for Foolish Writer Types, they have a special 50 quid Death Deal, where they will dump your exsanguinated corpse in the nearest river for NO EXTRA CHARGE.

I have no useful information. For this, or anything ever, really. Don't hate me for being beautiful.

Lucy said...

I don't hate you James, I'm just going to chop you into little bits with my shiny new axe! You know it's the truth.

And anyway, I have now booked somewhere and I'm not telling you bastards where it is... I will be taking my husband's lovely crossbow with me though, so be warned: Edinburgh is an ancient city and an old law has never been repealed that states: "Bloggers with crossbows are entitled to shoot fellow bloggers throu the head with metal arrows HARD TARGET style between the hours of 7 am and 7pm or when travelling to an Adrian Mead seminar."

You know it makes sense.

Lara said...

You could try an area called Grassmarket (which is where the course is) or Leith (bit further). I have always managed to get a last minute booking via Expedia especially in Grassmarket. If you want, email me and I'll run through some places as I have spent many years in "Auld Reekie".

I wouldn't stay by the airport though as it's quite far out and the course is right in the city centre. As for how long it will take to get anywhere in Edinburgh - your guess is as good as anything. Sometimes the traffic is great, other times gridlocked.

Having said that, the bus services in Edinburgh are brilliant (including from the airport) but a taxi could cost you anything from £15 - £30 from the airport, dependant on traffic & HOW English you sound. Tee hee. ;)

You could of course try the Youth Hostels - there are loads of really excellent ones in Edinburgh & especially in that area too.

Ok, I'm off as I sound like the Scottish Tourist Board.

I'm good on Glasgow and the West Coast too if anyone needs help. LOL.

MJ said...

The class is being held just off the Royal Mile that runs down from Edinburgh Castle, so you're right in the centre of Edinburgh's Old Town. There are LOADS of city buses that will take you up the castle hill for very little cash, or there's always the taxis (not cheap but reliable). Give us a shout if you need some directions from your hotel as I'm in Edinburgh, and also off to see the wizard.... I mean Adrian Mead!

I hear these English tourists come armed to the teeth.

Olaf Legend said...

it is not flying you should be afraid of. It's crashing.

Good Dog said...

Lucy, the postcode for St. Columba's by The Castle Episcopal Church on Johnson Terrace is EH1 2PW.

Plonk that into multimap and it'll show you the surrounding streets.

There's the Ramada Mount Royal, 53 Princes Street, and the Old Waverley Hotel, 43 Princes Street. Both are listed on Princes Street is the other side of the Castle from Johnson Terrace.

See where you go from there.

Good Dog said...

This was on the BAA Edinburgh website:

Edinburgh Shuttle provides a fleet of 7 seater executive mini-buses and runs every 15-30 minutes between the airport and pick up and drops off anywhere within the Edinburgh Shuttle’s City Centre zone. This can be from any address - home, hotel, business or conference venue.

Advance bookings can be made in advance by telephoning +44 (0)845 500 5000. Fares are fixed at £8.00 one way for an individual, door to door, with reduced rates for passengers travelling together to the same destination.

The airport is something like nine or ten miles from where the course is. Out in the bloody boonies just north of the A8 and M8,

Find a place in the city where you can get out and explore the place rather than be stuck in a box that probably stinks of aviation fuel while wild haggis roam the untamed highlands attacking soft southerners.

Lucy said...

Thanks Peeps... I am now staying in EH1, yay!