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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Scribosphere Revolution

LA is "the" place for screenwriters apparently, but for those of you outside The Screenwriting Zone, like moi or even London (also like moi), The Scribosphere is going through a change that may interest you.

Evolving from the blog "round-up" it is at present, Scribosphere aims to become an advanced workshop and networking opportunity online. There will be guest chats from Big Writers, seminars, mentoring, the works.

Scribosphere are asking for donations at present to get up and running and Donaters will be getting a pass to the first Beta test of this new level. I think this is a great idea and I had the honour of being the first donater this morning!

Check it out here and get in on the action.


Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...


Did they supply you with any further information?

Lucy said...

Not really, tho the website's pretty comprehensive and I had a v nice short email convo with them. They're very approachable, if you want to know more contact them on the address listed at the website.

Sheila West said...

Um, call me a suspicious American but ... when people start asking for money, I get suspicious.(This is America afterall).

Any accontability here?

Lucy said...

Yep, full refund apparently if things go wrong... and $10 isn't a lot, even for a cash-straped reader like moi ; )