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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Shoes

No, not for me. I don't "do" the girl-shoe-thang darling. I'm like Marge Simpson when she looks inside the dead Maud Flanders' wardrobe and sees four pairs: "Oooooh Somebody had a shoe fetish!" I do have shoes. But I always wear the same ones. Why? Because I never see my feet. No, not because I'm hugely fat, but because I always have a small child attached to my hip or, in my son's case, he actually stands ON my feet because he is possibly the clumsiest little bugger in the entire world. Ever. In addition to squished toes, he's given me black eyes, bruises and once, I'm sure he cracked my elbow. It makes a strange clicking noise now.

No. It was Lilirose's first pair. Aaaaaaaah.

I wanted them to be pink (natch), but because she's an early walker there was only one pair that were small enough to fit and they're blue. They're still cute though and have flowers on, which is a small compensation. And of course she looks adorable - not least because she's now walking like she's on the moon 'cos they're so heavy for her.

Lilirose however is unimpressed. Like her namesake the fearsome Tigerlily from Peter Pan, she's making her displeasure well-known. She would far rather walk out in the garden in just her socks. In fact, she not only tore one off and bit it, she threw it at me! I'm not looking forward to that girl's teenage years. As I've said, many a time before, I just don't know where she gets it from...

...Along with her goldy-blonde hair. How the hell did that happen? Both mine and her father's families are all stupendously dark. My husband's making accusations about my having an affair, so I told him Lil's the product of a torrid assignation with the Milkman when he came round to collect for three pints of semi skimmed and a carton of eggs. Of course, we don't have a Milkman and buy all ours at Tesco, but I never like to let the truth get in the way of a good yarn.


Sheila West said...

Little girls and little shoes! Always a great combination! But she likes to go barefoot, eh? It'll take some effort to break that preference, especially with the warm weather coming.

Lucy said...

I've a feeling there will only tugs of war with The Lilster, never any "breaking of preferences"! This is one uneasy Detente!!!

Elinor said...

I too dressed my girl in little pink shoes. At 20 she now wears black doc martens. So perfect for stamping on mama's head.

Lucy said...

I feel just the tiniest trace of bitterness there Elinor...?!