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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Google Searches

Since I've been demanding things of you guys today like reading my script, etc etc, I thought it only fair I provide you with some more Google Searches from my sitemeter for your viewing pleasure...

1. Successful adaptation + apocalypse. Only one word/acronym suits here: WTF?

2. NHS-style glasses. Mind boggles. Perhaps they were looking for a dating site?

3. JK Rowling + Deus Ex Machinas. Not. Saying. A. Word.

4. 3Fishfingers. Seriously, who IS this guy/gal? Reveal yourself! It's been a mystery too long. You cropped up on the old blog and now you're gone and people are looking for you via Google! Please enlighten us!!

5. 50 Things to do in a lift. My motto is "anything can happen, so be prepared" but seriously?? Mind you, it's not something I have to prepare for, since I (nearly) always take the stairs because of watching SPEED all those years ago. I wish I was kidding.

6. Dirty talk in bed scripts. And it brought them HERE?? What does this say about my blog? Actually, don't answer that...


Good Dog said...

Two of my recent ones were:

"cocking girlfriends"


"Cynthia Nixon sex clip moaning"


Good Dog said...

Although there wasn't

"They didn't stay and fight under the waterfall because their musket powder was wet!"

Odd that. ;-)

Lucy said...

No, that'll be on mine Good dog, along with a picture of you and a virtual enormous hammer hovering over your head!!! (Though it'd have to get thru the croissant first) BOOM! BOOM!

Good Dog said...

Hey honey, the "croissant" went the week after we met up last. So the hammer would put my head down out my ass at the first wallop.

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...



Okay that bit is a little corny, but I quite like the film. I suppose no one is perfect :)

Lucy said...

The shame of knowing quite so many fellas who like LAST OF THE MOHICANS is becoming too much to bear....

Lucy said...

Ooooh, just found two more:

death himself + unforgiven

Sounds a bit ominous!




Lucy + JK Amalou + wife

Can I just clear this up - I am NOT married to JK Amalou! He wishes! ; )

Only kidding JK, *MWAH*!