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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thrills and Spills

The lovely Potdoll has been posting some very interesting stuff about Thrillers over at her blog in the last couple of days, which I've been reading with interest. As someone in the middle of revising a third draft of a first draft of a thriller at present, I've been struck by some of the coverage I've received on it recently which mostly consists of: "We need more decent UK-based low-budget thrillers". LONDON TO BRIGHTON immediately comes to mind, as does SEVERANCE (though that's more of a horror), but actually, I think those Readers might have a point. Where are they all? Have we all been missing a trick on this lately?

Can you think of any? What was good/bad about them?


Good Dog said...


Can't think of any right now. What are we talking about anyhow?

In the meantime I'm afraid you've been tagged. It's all Brian Sibley's fault. Honest.

I guess this means I'm going to get a kicking on the weekend.

potdoll said...

Red Road was marketed as a thriller but it was actually a drama.

Robin Kelly said...

I've seen a few low-budget UK thrillers and the writers tend to start with a checklist of events and they tend to be the same checklist because it isn't character driven and so more likely to be clich├ęs. And because it's plot-driven you have a passive hero just going from one set-piece to another without a proper story.

OK, so that's just like the Purvis & Wade Bonds which were very successful but high-budget franchises are different. Although it's interesting how the more character-driven Haggis Bond is the most successful ever.

In the low-budget films, there's usually extremely dodgy plotting like killing someone innocent to frame the hero for the murder because someone has to die but they don't want to put the hero in any real danger. That nonsense even turned up in the big budget "The State Within" on TV by A-listers.