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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm Old...

...I'm listening to Radio 2.

AND enjoying it!

It's all seventies and eighties, but even so.

I'm old.

Damn you all to hell you young whipper snappers.


Dom Carver said...

I'm sorry but I can no longer associate myself with you, it's bad for my image. I'm down wiv da kids, ya naw, innit.

potdoll said...

I listened to Radio 2 in the car recently and really enjoyed it! I wasn't going to admit it in public though...

Olaf Legend said...

there's a radio 2?

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

Ha! Join the club!

I had to admit to that one about 3 years ago. It was like a weight off my shoulders.

Please join the rest of us sitting in a circle in the old Church hall:

"I'm Lucy and I listen to radio 2."

"Hello Lucy."

Oldies anonymous :)

Dan said...

Your MySpace places you at 27 years so by rights you should have been listening to Radio 2 for at least three years. Radio 1's demographic is 16-24 so you're no longer welcome there. They threw me out a long time ago. I say threw, I actually walked when they axed Mark & Lard.

Lucy said...

Dan - Mark and Lard? Who the hell are they?? ; )

Chris - Oldies Anonymous?! You is ancient my good man. I can tell, even via remote, that you're far more wrinkly than me SO THERE!

Olaf - yes, a radio 2 and a 3, 4, 5 and I'm told 6 on digital. But that's WAY too new-fangled for moi.

Potdoll - you just have! Do you feel better? I do!

And finally,

Dom - you're old enough to be my Dad so shut it (what? Ten years is old enuff to be someone's dad where I live)

Phillip Barron said...

I bought an imported Japanese car a few years back, which had an amazing stereo with loads of flashy lights.

Only problem is, it only receives Radio 2. I'm not sure if that's a legal requirement in Japan or not, but that's all I could get.

(Narrower reception band, if anyone's interested?)

So I'm well versed in Radio 2, mainly because I'm too lazy to change my CD and get fed up of listening to the same thing.

I recently broke that stereo and swapped it for a UK one. Now I get the full range of stations and flit about from song to song.

Funny thing is, I was happier when I had no choice. Now I don't actually listen to anything, I just flick.

Anonymous said...

I listen to streaming radio from over there...

Lianne said...

I listen to 6 Music. Does that make me a whipper snapper?

Good Dog said...

I listen to Radio 4, but occasionally Radio 2. Especially when Mark Lamarr is sitting in for Jonathan Ross.

But then I'm old.

Oh, and I listen to Terry Wogan when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Olaf Legend said...

yes, when i think of Terry Wogan, i hear alarms, also.

Piers said...

Nah. Radio 2's not a problem.

Listening to Radio 4. That's what makes you old.