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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back To The Drawing Board

Well, RUN is finished...Finished as in as finished as screenplays ever can be anyway, if you know what mean. Many thanks to my Power of 3 and indeed all the other lovely people who had input, of which there were many. Some great suggestions were made and I stole your ideas guys so I could take all the credit and bask in the glory if people love it. If they don't however, it's YOUR fault! ; )

So: it's had six drafts: two page 1 rewrites and four overhauls, minor to major. It's gone off to the agent - I will be nervously waiting to see what he has to say. Maybe he'll think it sucks. No. Must think positive. He'll phone me in two days and say, "Wow! This is amazing. In fact, I think you're the best writer I've read in years. I'm going to sell it for a million pounds, but guess what: I'm not taking any commission, 'cos I'm privileged to have such a fabulous client." Alright, maybe that's going too far. But a girl can dream, right?

In other news, Lilirose has changed her name. Yes, she might be only ten months old, but she's making it very clear that she does not want to EVER be addressed as just Lili. She has to be called Lilirose in full or...wait for it...ROSIE! One of my sisters is called Rosie, as is my son's Dad's girlfriend, so this could get confusing. But hey ho, it's up to her. Never thought we'd start dealing with this sort of thing when she was so young: something tells me she's gonna give us grief as she gets older if she's already a Diva. Don't know WHERE she gets it from! ; ) Bring it on...


Olaf Legend said...

Ahh, "A rosie by any other name, would still smell as sweet" - to be paraphrase Shakespere.

I am having much problems of this kind with my darling Vienna and our little baby. I am wish to call baby Olaf Jnr, but Vienna has baby christened Gabriella.

But i guess it is mamma perogative to name Baby - (Unless little Olaf jnr gets to chose own name when she is 10 months old!)

Elinor said...

My daughter Leonora is now 20. She insisted on being called Norah when little and when she was 16 and boys started phoning the house she reinvented herself as Leo. But that's what happens when you give your daughter a beautiful lyrical name.