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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And God says...

..."Can I have a script report, please?"

Well, not quite. But "God Says" was in the subject line of an email yesterday from a potential Bang2write client asking about prices and my first thought was, "WHY is God emailing me??" I was a little non-plussed, since if I had ever been good enough to earn a divine visitation, I had hoped to get a pillar of fire or a burning bush in the very least. An email doesn't quite cut it for me, I'm too much of a drama queen. I sent God a link to my Ink Tip page anyway. Perhaps he's looking for a human perspective on his script. I just hope it's not written on tablets of stone.

James Moran has been posting more of his amusing keyword searches over at his blog, so I was a little peeved to find my site counter doesn't let you look up keywords in this manner. I can have access to Google searches though, and so far mine have been montage+script format, sophocles+software, how to write a monologue? and screenplay copyright, screenplay contests and Scriptapolooza+winner. All rather tame. In fact the weirdest one I had so far until Monday was Lucy+writer+surname. Yawn.

So things got a little more interesting the other day when I found this one lurking in my stat list:

j.k amalou + wife

Someone out there clearly wants to marry him. Or at least find out who he may be married to. I'm going for the former. Let's place bets.

In the meantime, if YOU are JK's cyber stalker, then let us know!


Lucy said...

It was not me, it was the one-armed man... ; )

Lianne said...

Recently I've had someone find their way to my site by googling both your good self and Potdoll. Maybe you two have cyber stalkers as well!

h said...

hellooo. i've decided to come out of the woodwork and comment again, after lurking since my intial outburst.

keyword analysis is one of my favourite things. some of my best have been:
- old woman hate pink spiders
- yadda yadda yadda side effects nausea fall out boy
- monkey king tugging at the duvet

i get quite a few people coming through having searched for my friends which sometimes creeps me out, or, this morning when i discovered someone had found it by searching for "alex sarti death" initially made me laugh then just get really worried in case something had happened to him that i didn't know about.

James Moran said...

You want to use StatCounter instead, like what me does. They give you tons of info, it's fab. You only get the most recent 100 log entries unless you pay, but that's more than enough for keyword fun...

Good Dog said...

Lucy, it's Dog not God. ...I don't know.

Lucy said...

Lianne - intriguing. Any way of finding out who these potential stalkers are? I've been threatening to leave David again because he never deals with the cat litter...

H - hello again! Gotta hate those pink spiders. Often have to save my gran from them. I wonder what age it starts?? My Mum's getting on a bit!

James - I would change to stat counter, except as you know I'm technically challenged and wouldn't even know where to start!

and GD - you might be a dog, but God is a DJ...So there.