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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

5 Things You May Not Know About Me

Well, I've been tagged... Hooray. Never one to pass on a challenge, but since I talk about stuff to do with little old me alot, I may be scraping the barrel!

1. I have 34DD boobs. I started with 34B. To think people pay for 'em! Save yourself three thousand squid and have two babies instead.

2. My surname is not Vee. It's my nickname because my middle name begins with "V" (I'm not telling you buggers what it is, either so DON'T ASK!). My family call me the whole thing, as in "How are you, Lucy Vee?" Really.

3. When I was a child, I would cry when I stepped on snails. I also gave funerals for them and indeed every dead wild animal I found in the vicinity to my house. I had a graveyard full of pigeons, sparrows, rabbits, mice and shrews as well as all the dead family pets. I even made headstones. Morbid, hey.

4. I was a rampant activist when I was a teen but was never allowed to go to demonstrations, so made up for this when I was at university and got arrested several times, though I was never charged.

5. The best thing that ever happened to me (prior to my having the kids and getting married, natch) was when I was eight. My Mum, having discovered at a parents' evening that I had an advanced reading age took me into a bookshop and told me I could have whatever I wanted. I picked a few books but my Mum started pulling others off the shelf, saying "Have these ones as well!" I ended up with about 30. I was so happy I actually cried.



Good Dog said...


Are they really 34DD? I'll have to have a closer look next time. (I'll also bring an icepack with me).

And... wait a second? You had your own little pet cemetery? Blimey, just think how slow a zombie snail would move?

Frightening. And boring as well. But at least if they went for you, you could make a nice cup of tea and drink it with a slice of cake.

Olaf Legend said...

You will not tell us your last name, but you are willing to provide with measurements of your bosom - Girl power!

Lucy said...

GD, you calling me a liar?!? And an icepack?? For what?? Nah, don't answer that! You freak.

Olaf - girls just wanna have fun after all: who needs a last name...

Good Dog said...


Course I ain't calling you a liar. Then again, I haven't got much a clue of sizes.

I rate breasts like children. They're either a handful or more than a handful. (Ta-da! Thank you very much!)

The icepack was for me because I assumed that I'd get a kick in the nads for ogling your tits.

.....Oh, I get it. No, it wasn't supposed to be on hand to make you... er, "pointy".

If that what you thought? And you call me a freak?! You PERV!! ;-)

Lucy said...

I wouldn't kick you in the nads with my record GD, I'd lop 'em off...

Good Dog said...


Anonymous said...

(scribbles measurements down in the Lucy file) in case I need to use them hee

Lucy said...

Use them for what??


There are more freaks in the Scribosphere than I thought...