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Monday, February 12, 2007


As me a question. Any question. I guarantee, 100%, the answer will be $@&£ *"!


The dreaded Ofsted Inspection is tomorrow. TOMORROW. All my students did badly last year so they're going to be all over me (I was the cover AND heavily pregnant to be fair, plus the guy I was covering for had had a nervous breakdown AND not taught them ONE DAMN THING meaning I had to cram 9 mths' syllabus into 4.5 mths!!). Add to that the fact the drama teacher pisses me off: "I'm GLAD they're coming, I'VE got nothing to hide..." AND the fact I like to put pressure on myself: "I've never got lower than a level 1!!!" and you can see how boiled my brain is right now.

Oh, and just for fun, the meeting at Touch Films is THIS THURSDAY.

P.S. The baby's just ripped up my Scheme of Work. Little bitch.


badwolf5886 said...

Hey, I'm offended! I didn't do 'badly', the thick examiners didn't get me! Nah, I'm not really offended, I did crap! And your right, our previous teacher taught us zilch! Though I actually thought I was quite good at philosophy, I even remembered stuff when we did epistemology as part of our research methods last week.

Anywho, if you're not up to answering questions, you better not read the last comment I left you! Have a nice day now y'all!

BTW, my eBlogger account is sorted now.

Lucy V said...

Hey Bad Wolf, you tried your best in some difficult circumstances - we were ALL doomed my friend! Still not to worry if you're using some stuff in your course now!

Chris Parr (ukscriptwriter) said...

Put on your war paint, sharpen your knives and don't give them an inch of ground.


Or you could spill the beans on the people who dropped you in it whilst crying your eyes out.

Cry like a baby or kick some ass. Whichever you feel is more dramatic :)

Lucy V said...

Nah, Chris mate: you're not getting it - I WANT MY STUDENTS TO PASS! ; )

Lianne said...

Hope the inspection goes well today. But hope the meeting om Thursday goes better!

badwolf5886 said...

Just had sociology, turns out no one bothered to come and observe us anyway, so all was good. Its 11:50, so guessing your currently in philosophy being watched, thinking of you!

Ta for essay advice, will check those films out. Probably will e-mail you too, and you were hoping for a quiet half term! You don't know any good websites about that sort of thing do you? Muchly struggling to find anything of use, guess I need to try the old-fashioned method of reading books!

Over and out.

Lucy V said...

Hey girls. It was okay - but bloody inspector only turned up for 15 minutes and my chaperone from the college didn't turn up at ALL, but hey ho: all over now. No idea what grade I got and to be honest don't care - I don't respect Ofsted ANYWAY. That follows even if I got a good one. Bloody tick-the-box, window dressing culture of education. Grrr!

Robin Kelly said...

Are you doing the Classroom Monologues, Lucy?

Lucy V said...

Yes thanks Robin - got one to go, just gotta do an edit.