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Friday, February 09, 2007

Storytelling Unplugged

I've been working so hard lately I've been feeling like my head is going to EXPLODE, so many thanks to Shell for pointing me in the direction of this website and indeed, this article in particular. It's quite a revelation for those of you out there yet to get any of your writing on-screen, DVD or web: the Director's Choice bit in the article is particularly enlightening.


Enzio Pesta said...

I've been on haitus. Ok, so it was more like an extended stay at the sanitorium. If you're bored, come by for a visit.

Lucy said...

No chance of getting bored this week Enzio, but will do.

badwolf5886 said...


This has absolutely nothing to do your post, just want some free advice from you screenwriting types!

Got to do this 5000 word project as part of the Access course, and decided to do mine on 'the representation of women and violence in selected films since the early 1980s'.

Sounds interesting right? Yeah well, I'm a bit stuck with it and wondered whether you, or any one else, had any ideas as to where to look for research, and which films to look at.

Definitely going to look at Kill Bill, and possibly Thelma & Louise, but apart from that I have no idea! Any words of wisdom would be muchly appreciated!

BTW, my eBlogger account seems to be screwed up, so I may end up losing my wicked cool username. If you don't hear from the bad wolf anymore, that's why.

Lucy said...

Shame you've chosen since the 1980's as the slasher genre really came into its own in the 1970's - HALLOWEEN springs to mind immediately.

Pardodies like SCREAM are a good place to start - the notion that only virgins survive whilst the "naughty" girls die. Equally, films like CHERRY FALLS turn this notion on its head with only the virgins dying. Check them out. If you want any more help, email me.

Almost forgot: :*&% $£!