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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Please Hold...

...No, not that, you dirty little man!

Oh, I've come across all unneccessary. Where was I? Oh yes: I'm off. I haven't had a holiday since June 2005 (and that was my honeymoon, so doesn't count: who gets out of bed on honeymoon?? Why do people spend so much on them when all you need is a travel lodge and a tube of...okay, you get the picture).

So: that's right, you heard correctly, I'm actually taking time off! Is it a miracle? No, just burn out. Am I going to Thailand? The Seychelles? Chaverife? No, no, no...


We're broke. *Sigh*. We ARE going away later in the year though and I just HAVE to get away from poxy Devon and the poxy flat before someone very near me dies: possibly the Chav and Chavette who live at number 22 who have the fecking NERVE to play their telly at huge decibel levels, yet bang on our wall when Lilirose is crying! FASCISTS! So, for the safety of all concerned in the immediate area, we are visiting some friends for a long overdue mini-break dah-link. And it's only for a couple of days, so DON'T PANIC if your script is on my pile. It's bloody going with me. You know who you are, you slave-driving bastards (love you really, MWAH!).

My three cats already know something is up: they're eyeing me suspiciously. What they don't know is MY MOTHER is coming to look after them. She LOVES CATS and MAKES THEM HER BABIES which would be great for normal cats, except mine all have severe behavioural difficulties just like Mr. Tinkle in CATS AND DOGS. *Evil laugh*. Now we'll see who's sorry for ruining my new sofa!!!

So: please hold. Normal service will be resumed by the end of the week. Until then: ciao suckers. You know the drill: write fast, read slow, pick up all typos and questionable character motivations. I thank you.


Optimistic_Reader said...

Have a great time - fish 'n' chips and sea air will sort you out!

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

I know that 'broke' feeling.

We have a massive mortgage and with the new arrival we now have two kids. My wife is a nurse who normally works three 13 hour shifts a week. Getting childcare to suit the hours we need is, lets say impossible, or at least VERY expensive.

As a result Lydia will be shedding two of those shifts and working one at a weekend. That also means loosing 2/3 of her salary. As of this month we are on a major economy drive. I'm just glad she is keeping the weekend shift.

To top it all my computer is on its death bed. Not sure what I'll do if it goes pop :(

Oh I don't half moan :)

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

Oh yeah:

PS Enjoy yourself :)

Good Dog said...

Is it "a travel lodge and a tube of smarties"?

Have a good week sweetie. I hope you're nice and relaxed when I tell you that I didn't get a chance to talk to Paul Ashton. But I'll mention it when I get back.

Good Dog said...


Lucy said...

Thanks Guys, apart from Good Dog: start running!!!

Elinor said...

Have fun Lucy, don't take the scripts!!! Return to them renewed and refreshed. x el

Good Dog said...

...apart from Good Dog: start running!!!

Sweet-ums, it wasn't my fault. Ashton was the one who did the running. After the panel he virtually fled from the building.

But I made copious notes and will post most of them. I think there may be a reason after all.

Hope you're having a bonzer time in God's waiting room.

Lucy said...

I'm baaaaaaack!!!

Just as well I'm feeling MUCH better now GD, else I'd whip yo ass. Good dogs are supposed to get hold of BBC personnel by the trouser leg and SHAKE answers out of them! For shame! ; )

Much fun was had by all and I ate and drank far too much. But that was the point...