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Friday, February 16, 2007


Well, I made it to Bath and back...Just. It was fine getting there (though I did arrive an hour early!), but on the way back I fell off my chair on the platform at Bristol Temple Meads perilously close to the 17.21 to Paddington and then I tried to get on a train to Great Malvern of all places instead of Devon. Weirdly, I lived near Malvern as a child so all I can think is that my brain rewound, independently of itself. There is no other explanation. Unless of course I was just on the wrong platform out of chance! ; )

The meeting *seemed* to go well. They were very positive about my script and were all round pleasant. They told me they were "seriously interested", but were yet to draw up a short list for this scheme. So I guess it could go either way. Still, in the very least the meeting gave me some ideas for the direction of the script which is always good.

In other news, I've entered The Bluecat Screenplay Comp for the second year running - this time with THREE of my more polished screenplays: THY WILL BE DONE (aka Divine Rites), ECLIPSE (aka Wish) and HUSBAND AND FATHER (aka Near to Darkness). I don't suppose I'll place, but $45 is actually approximately £23, so for the princely sum of £69 I'll have good quality feedback for these three from an American point of view, which is always handy.

What are you up to?


Elinor said...

That's good news Lucy. Three scripts!!! Handy having Lilirose, clearly you have given up sleep. I hear you on the train front. I am often gripped by a strange fever on the platform and get on the wrong train.

Lucy said...

Tell me about it. I've lived so many places now that I do get confused - about 6 months ago I tried to go to Bournemouth from Clapham Junction. I haven't lived in Bournemouth for three years!!! I got to Westbury before I realised my mistake, but luckily it was easy enough to rectify.

Mothers require no sleep. We are entirely bionic - as well you know! ; )

Optimistic_Reader said...

I get on the wrong train all the time, too! I've never ended up anywhere too far away, so far.

Glad the meeting went (or seemed to go)well!

Lucy said...

Yeah, well: as the great Edgar Allen Poe says "Is everything we see or seem but a dream within a dream?"

potdoll said...

I bet you rocked. x

Lucy said...

Thanks Potty.

Olaf Legend said...

I have sending my situatia comedy (Nanna's Favourite Little Pickle)to BBC Writers room over this weekend. I not much in the way of expeting a good result. This will be 10th script to send to them in few recent year. And guess what - all rejected.

Does anyone know why I bother? I have tell them that if BBC reject another Olaf script i will stop watching Eastender!

-- I also like bourbon creams, Lucy.

h said...

dang. you're making me feel horrendously unproductive and inefficient. you have two kids and still manage to write so much. what's my excuse??