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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm Baaaaack

Now who peed in the pot plant while I was gone? Eh? EH?!?!

Take my eye off the ball for ONE SECOND and you ungrateful lot are taking liberties. Well I got your number...So watch it. That's all I'm saying.

The jaunt to Bournemouth was very nice, exactly what I needed. We ate fish and chips and chinese takeaway and bits and bobs from Spar every night, especially cadbury's creme eggs (though not actually on the same night at the same time neccessarily) and the grown ups drank beer and I EVEN WENT TO A BAR. This is particularly exciting because I have not been to a bar in nine months or so and not a) met a client or b) talked about scriptwriting! AMAZING!!!!

We saw some sharks (at Bournemouth's Oceanarium), walked on the beach, visited friends, went up Bournemouth's impossibly hilly high street whilst dragging a buggy and my son ("My legs, my beautiful legs!" he wails) and went to the rather marvellous Monkey World and saw some...well, monkeys. And apes, because there were chimpanzees too and Orangutans. I know my...biology, or whatever that bloody is.

Oh and the boy managed to fall in the only thorn bush in the whole of suburbia, so his little friend Jack had to pull a thorn out of his butt. Apparently this was a particular highlight. Boys will be boys.

What have you been doing?


Lee said...

Bournemouth is a lovely place, it's true. They host party political conferences and lap dancing tournaments and have a fine Mexican restaurant. However, I spent last week skiing in the Alps, and a hell of a fine holiday it was too. First one in twelve years, in fact.

oneslackmartian said...

"We ate fish and chips and chinese takeaway and bits and bobs from Spar every night, especially cadbury's creme eggs"

It's amazing how the Brits and Americans can be separated by a common language. I'm not sure what any of that meant.

We’re so pathetic, we just number our meals in the States. Any restaurant I go in now, I just order the #6. I don’t even look at the menu. Saves time, saves thinking, and it’s often a bit of a surprise.

What have I been doing? Whatever the exact opposite of Carpe Diem is.

Optimistic_Reader said...

Glad you had a good break, sounds like you needed it!

I've been going to the pub and eating creme eggs this week. I think you'd be proud!

Elinor said...

Mothers have some strange habits you know. I speak as one and the daughter of one. Have you asked your mum about the plant pot incident? I've spent all week sneezing with my son. I would like to tell you that we have taken up the decadent habit of snuff but actually just a virus. Glad you had a good time.

Lucy said...

No Lee: you don't understand - they have lap dancing AT the party political conferences. Why else would you be a politician?!?

OSM - so you're one slack VEGETABLE then now??

OR - I AM proud, just as long as you ate those creme eggs outside a weight loss clinic.

Elinor - It was the virtual pot plant in the feng shui of the blog I was talking about, not the real one. Eh? What do you mean....cray-zee?

Lee said...

I have obviously been going to the wrong conferences. I shall nevermore set foot in a Lib Dem sponsored exhibition.