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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Launch Party

Well, it's done. Finally. Many thanks to The Optimistic Reader, Chris Parr, Good Dog and cyber-bully James Moran (I love you really) who demanded I fix the new blog IMMEDIATELY or by golly he'd do it for me. Which he did. Ta.

I can't believe how easy the new Blogger is! I changed the template all by myself, even (everybody clap!). Of course, I had to choose one that no one else I visit regularly has (it's the cyber equivalent of turning up at the office party in the same dress as that bitch from Accounts otherwise), plus PINK had to be involved as I'm a GIRL, natch. But not too much pink. The other template made my eyes bleed and we don't want to scare off the boys of course, of which there are many in The Scribosphere. And even though we all know boys have cooties, they can *sometimes* say some interesting things, so as long as they wash their hands they can come on over.

So welcome my friends to the new-look Bang2write Blog! Consider this the launch party. Whatever's your cyber-poison, be it virtual beer, virtual spirits, wine or cocktails it's here, but make sure you make it to the cyber-bathroom in time if you decide to overindulge because I am NOT cleaning up any virtual sick. Also, heads will roll if I catch anyone having cyber-sex under the virtual coats upstairs: I'm the only one who organises cyber-orgies around this joint. I thank you.


Lara said...

Hi Lucy - great party & well done for your perserverance! Can't believe I am the first here - I am normally fashionably late for parties! Could I please have some virtual OJ and a large virtual bowl of jelly & ice cream? Promise not to be a cyber-puker! xxx

Lucy said...

I'd love to take the credit my friend but it was all done for me!
As for your requests - help yourself, no expense spared dah-link! Tho if you're on the OJ, I see I'm still drinking on my own...There must be some reprobates out there up for a virtual drinking contest??

Optimistic_Reader said...

Reprobates up for virtual drinking contests? That would be me then!

You know, I thought I'd posted the first comment earlier. It doesn't appear to be here. Is that how being snubbed at a virtual party works then???

Lucy said...

No snub OR - You arrived TOO early my script reading friend, even I wasn't here yet. But not to worry, down the hatch! Whoever gets three virtual tequilas down in a row wins. GO!

Anonymous said...

finally I can comment to you officially... and wash my hands unofficially... cool stuff

Robin Kelly said...

Is no-one dancing? I'll dance on my own then. Look at me go! I'm Like John Travolta in that film - Battlefield Earth. Wah-hoo! Would be nice if you put some music on though, Lucy.

Optimistic_Reader said...

Speaking of boozy get-togethers Lucy - have decided to do the Adrian Mead seminar after all. Provided of course my cheque doesn't bounce. There is a nice pub I know near the seminar venue so I reckon we should prepare for a party!

No matter how drunk I get, I don't dance at parties. I much prefer to watch other drunk people try to dance instead.

Lucy said...

Welcome MQ, pleasure speaking to you in blogland at last now I am outside the evil realms of AOL.

There IS music on Robin, but clearly you are too old to hear it...It's not on your frequency!

And OR - nice one! I'll see you there, tho I may have to sleep on a park bench the night before since my friend appears to still be in Vietnam..,Either that or she's avoiding my calls.

Phillip Barron said...

I'm still a little confused, sorry. Should I look here for words of wisdom or over at the old address?

Where should the link on my blog point?

Oh, and I'm just going to go and wait by the coats for someone to turn up.

Piers said...

Tequila shot, anyone?

Don't worry. It's perfectly safe.

Paul Campbell said...

What a delightful little site> I shall visit often.

Lucy said...

It's ok - make THIS your link, not the old blog, it's history!

As for you Piers, I seem to recall you saying that in REAL life you naughty boy, tho I did not partake... I know your game.

And Paul, delighted to have you my ole mucker.